Apply for a Program Grant

The Levenhurst Foundation is dedicated to partnering with organizations who are working in Nova Scotia communities facing unique challenges. To start the process, we request a simple Letter of Inquiry (LOI). If your proposal fits our criteria we’ll contact you with a more detailed application form.

Please be as clear and concise as possible, it’s the only chance we have to hear why you need funding. We're excited about learning about how you make a positive impact in your community, so please email us with any questions or concerns regarding the application process. For guidance, we’ve outlined the information to provide below.


1. What is the registered name of your organization?
2. What is your charitable registration number?
3. Are you seeking funding for Food Security or Extra-Curricular Programs?
4. What do you propose to do? What is the core idea that needs funding?
5. How much money are you requesting from the foundation?
6. When will the project take place?

There is no pre-established grant limit, however between $1,000-$10,000 is generally awarded. Levenhurst funding can span 2-3 years for initiatives that have a long-term impact. Please include all of the above in one attachment (word document or .pdf preferred), no longer than 3 pages in length.

To submit your LOI simply email it to