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Improving food security

To Levenhurst, food security is an important issue to tackle for every community who faces those challenges. It’s created a gap that widens for the most vulnerable among us. Studies have shown that limited access to nutritious food is directly correlated to poor health, affecting education, job opportunities, and social relationships — creating a negative cycle of outcomes. We want to help bridge that gap by supporting innovative and inspired food security initiatives. 

That’s why we’re investing in progressive food security initiatives for at-risk communities and programs providing food stability for youth outside of school-subsidized programs. Levenhurst also supports community gardens, especially those who operate as a social enterprise and support those in need.

We encourage collaboration with similar programs in the community and utilizing synergies to reach a broader support network. Community activity of this nature are of great interest to us, so please contact us today.


extra-curricular progams

In at-risk communities, it’s not always possible for youth to engage in activities that enhance their learning outside the classroom and stimulate personal growth. It can affect a student’s self-esteem, leadership, team-work abilities and confidence. That’s why the Levenhurst Foundation supports programs that provide opportunities for vulnerable youth to achieve their full potential.

By focusing on Summer programs for vulnerable youth, we can help build the skills our next great leaders need to thrive in an ever-changing world. We’re also committed to supporting after school programs in communities who face unique challenges — and have unique solutions. Another key area of investment for Levenhurst is our leadership skill development initiatives, which put real tools into real hands who need them.

We’re supporting programs focused on fostering positive youth development through experiential learning opportunities in recreational sport, leadership skill development and cultural awareness. Multi-year funding is an option for long term initiatives, so if this fits you and your organization, please apply now.


education scholarships

The Levenhurst Foundation will soon be offering Education Scholarships for those who qualify. Our goal is to invest in the bright stars of our future who are on the path to positively impacting their community. Please stay tuned for more information, or email us with any current opportunities you may be involved with that support this upcoming initiative.


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